About Us

We are a Club offering low-impact exercises to help us maintain a level of healthy movement and to strengthen ourselves against stiffness and injury. We urge participants to seek the advice of their personal physician for guidance before undertaking any new exercise program and to discuss any precautions unique to the individual.

 9ArmSwing  Sit-ups
 Jump-Jacks  Bicycles-1

Our 45-minute workout is broken into three segments which include basic movements most have done sometime in our lives. Each group of exercises is limited to 15 repetitions each. While standing, the exercises include moves like touching your toes, jumping jacks and various arm motions. Floor mats are used for hip/neck rolls, bicycles and kicks, while our light-weight poles are used for stretching moves.

1LeeNagel 8LegScissors 7LegCross

 And yes, several of our members adapt our exercises and use chairs to assist them.

2ChairKicks JamesKollbaum 3Chair-Toes
5NeckExercise 4ChairKicks