Exercise Equipment



    All of our exercises are done a wood/gym floor, so athletic shoes are required for

    stability and to help maintain the beauty of the Social Hall flooring.  Please adhere

    to this simple requirement.





Which of these shoes would not meet the criteria for safe exercising?

Be sure to always wear solid-soled shoes — no socks, sandals or beach flip-flops


 redhightops  oldgymshoes
 hightops  girlyhightops



MatTypes Shown to left are samples of mats used in class for bicycles, hip rolls and other exercises


A PVC pipe cut to the length of your outstretched arms is used for various stretching moves for upper body strengthening PoleSize


Poles The exercise pole can be made from PVC piping, purchased at the local hardware where the staffs are usually familiar enough with our Club to assist in completing the task by adding rubber end-caps for each end for safety.  1″ PVC (irrigation) pipe provides a very sturdy tool. EndCap