Before the party details were even finished,

many members joined with the Women’s Club

to contribute to the Toys for Kids Campaign.

Mel Sanders and Margaret Crowley tested each

toy for childlike joy.


 Then, the Christmas Elves showed

up to help decorate the hall

Margaret Crowley & Diana Valencik

 Decorating Elves
 Table Decor 2015  
 Mouse Basket  Frightened Bear
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Sharon & Dick AltoppAltopp-SetUp
Decorated Hall Food ordered…..work done, hold our breath…..we are ready!!!!
 Kaye, Dennis, Ron, Anne and HelenMorning Welcome

 Next morning, the Hungry Elves

arrived to eat everything they

could get their sticky fingers on

 The festivities began as Club members

joined others for a bit of breakfast



 Ruth-Sharon-Dick P. Lou-Jack-Mary Jo
Virginia-Bill Ron-Jean-Jeanette
Mel-Aviva-Joann Jack-Helen Sheehan
Kitty-Gloria Josie-Dru-Elaine T
Joan-Dick Mollers Jan-LaVerne-Karen
Herm-Patsy-Kent-Georgia Herman-Patsy-Patsy
Edda-Lilo Don Christian
Harold-Lynda-Mary W. Fran-Bonnie-Ann-Kitty
Eleanor-Barb Diana-Bonnie-Gen
Cathy-Bonnie-Mary Adolfo-Virginia-Lee-Nancy
Gerda-Ralph Dick Swortzel
 Santa took  charge and prepared the members for an all-expense-paid trip to Turkey, hosted by Sherman and Fran Katz.  Jet lag avoided, Santa distributed stained glass prizes for guests — compliments of Sherman Katz, once again.  StainedGlass
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Thanks for a great year —


Dick Altopp